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About Our History

      Our history is a colorful one of a wild west not so far

from where we are still located today.

      The American homestead family. 

 Humble as he called him self, "Just a simple little potato farmer".

      The Marine Corps. Veteran Drill Sargent and family,

set the free education law Legal Precedent in concrete,

winning the landmark decision and Legal Precedence securing 

free education guaranteed by the constitution for all.

      Leasing out his great Northwest high plains homestead,

he then moved the family out to California in the early 1970s,

working his way to the Presidency of the California Association Of

Realtors.  Speaking then before State Senate and later to Congress

and on to special Congressional Committees, fighting all the time

to keep the American dream of owning a home alive to protect

assumable loans made available to the general public. 

Particularly the GI assumable and  Fannie Mae loans. His airfares

and accommodations were usually paid for out of his own pocket

because of his passion for what was right for America.

     He also fought 1980's and 1090's unsuccessfully to put an end to 

the biggest threat of our times: Adjustable Rate Mortgage scam, that 

eventually caused the US financial crash of what was then the

coming century.

     Jack D. Paulson also developed his son's creation of

President Ronald Reagan's favored community weed and seed

program, the seedling for today's current U.S. Department of Justice Neighborhood Watch program. 

     Since 1969, the founding of The Law Firm Company still remains

with the passion for "Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness",

not just for some, but for all

     To learn more click: Google: auto search for

Free education law Paulson v. Minidoka County School District No. 331, 463 P.2d 935 (Idaho 1970).

     Jack D. Paulson's State Supreme Court victory, a historic event, refused the damages amount requests from the jury, never asking

for a dime, not even attorney fees, filing, or any other court costs.

A true American Hero. R.I.P. he is not forgotten. These were the

victories that started The Law Firm Company.

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OUR MISSION Is More Than Just Our Goal:

Fixing The Broken Legal System.

Since our earliest memories we remember many

talking about fixing the broken legal system.

Fixing the broken legal system is every ones goal.

How we go about it is our mission.

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