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We are currently remodeling our business plan and websites to fit all 50 states ethic rules.

Please come back later this year.

Thank you for your patience ! 

Legal App offers services free for public use, that include

search tools, top results, of the worlds best lawyers,

and law firms, whom may be the best fit for the specific

legal needs searched on the index of attorneys, created

here on this website attorney data base, whom have

provided verifiable, legal credentials info.

The index of attorneys search tools will be found on many

key word, best legal domains, lists and directories.

When you join as a paying Attorney Member, Deluxe Members, or

basic attorney your legal services are advertised on many lists and

directories with much more than the following attributes:

  • Gold star Attorney ratings for the Deluxe Members, 
  • Green for an Attorney Member,
  •  Blue for basic attorney.
  • Live links to your legal office web site.
  • Live links to your phone number to call you direct.
  • Live links to your email address @ your mail
  • Live link to your state bar # page, if available,check your state here.

     Search results the public find will be coming from our

dedicated servers, housing our Index Of Attorneys, to the Free

Legal Directory, directories, and lists, of best legal domain

we own and or control, provided to the public for free.

      About Legal Advice Rates: what prices and how you choose to

charge for any consultations is up to you. We are apprehensive at

this time about providing a fixed fee payment platform to charge

your customers directly from our service because of the many

different State regulations and different attorney's fees.

     However with the public interest in mind we are planning to

provide a fee platform that conforms with your state fee rates

guide lines and your attorney fees.

     Of the many best legal domains we also own following domains

planned websites to bring clients to you for Free Legal Consultations,

Free legal Evaluations, and more. Providing such, for callers'

legal issues is a big plus on how you will be rated, we may indicate

if you do offer these free services or not.

Our other ways and system of Rating Attorneys is undisclosed at

this time. You can earn extra stars or parts of stars depending upon our

evaluation of your legal services qualities. We have our own ideas on

how to do that, such as mentioned in the ABA JOURNAL - NJ Supreme

Court Committee which found, on Lawyer accolade advertising. The

Court warned,  Issuing a reminder: inquiry into the Lawyer's fitness has to

be more rigorous than a simple tally of  years in practice and lack of

disciplinary history, according to the committee, such as Honors and

Awards to rank you higher on search results. That should involve

Bona Fide Attorneys fitness inquiry, including popularity contests

that tally votes by telephone, texts, or emails.

     We are building the public our Free Legal Directory, other free

directories, and lists, website addresses, and links to Find Local Lawyers from the Local Lawyer Directory who have joined as Deluxe Members.

All free searches of Legal Advisers from our directories and lists will

remain free to the public. Learn more about us and our concept

planning history at:

      What you read on our pages is mostly talking about Domains or

URL addresses we own. This means we own the dot com key word

domain for the subject or Areas Of Law we are discussing.

       It's about the same as "Real Estate",the street address on the

best real estate property corner. Virtual Real Estate is just as important,

its all about location, location, location, the address before the dot com.

    Earning top search engine visibility from our links that

drive clients to our members with our system of Rating

Attorneys for the public benefit is to find you fast, safe,

and competent. Our heart is with the public search for

justice our pocket is of providing the greatest service

to the legal industry.

These are the foundations of what we are mostly about.

     To learn more see: OUR MISSION 


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